Merry-Happy Christmas

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Merry-Happy Christmas from the Olsen’s!

Christmas Card 2012 F

The most magical place on earth…

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Disneyland!!!! We went to Disneyland with Brett’s parents and his sister’s family. It was so fun and the weather was really nice (or at least nicer than Utah). I love Disneyland and I think it is so fun to go, especially with little kids.

Olsen Trip to Disneyland 2012

Disneyland had recently opened Cars Land so we got to go and enjoy that. The main ride is really fun and they had the whole area decked out for Christmas. The whole of Cars Land is so well done you feel like you are in the cartoon.

Cars Land - Disneyland 2012

We took so many photos while we were there, but the best photos without a doubt was this one of us on Space Mountain. I especially liked the kids faces…Elle looks bored out of her mind, and Dax looks terrified!

Space Mountain Ride

It was also my birthday while we were there and I had such a great day, I even got to wear a Disneyland Happy Birthday Badge. I am one year older but still not too old for Disneyland.

Disneyland Birthday Badge


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My parents had never been to Moab so we decided to take them down there for a couple of days. We did a lot in Moab and Arches National Park while we were there.

We hiked to Delicate Arch, and for the first time we did the small hike to the lookout point from the back of Delicate Arch. One view of it just wasn’t enough for us I guess.

Delicate Arch - Moab


We also saw Balancing Rock, and other pretty red rocks that I don’t remember the names of.

Moab Utah

Here are my parents in front of Double Arch.


We also went to Dead Horse Point while we were there. I have never been there before and it was really pretty. Here’s a picture using my iPhone panorama camera.

Dead Horse Point - iPhone panoramic

And lastly because my husband sure knows how to pose, I thought I would leave you with a compilation of the many poses he does for me. Thanks Brett for always entertaining me, and letting me photograph you excessively all the time.

Brett Posing for Me

Mum and Dad’s Trip to the U S of A

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This will be a long post because we did sooooooooooo much stuff while they were here. When they left I was so tired from being busy with them for their whole trip. They arrived the night before Thanksgiving and we had planned to run a 5k with the family. We had a lot of fun running around American Fork, and it was my first official 5k ever.

Photo Nov 22, 10 06 13 AM

Here we all are in our Turkey Trot hoodies:

Photo Nov 22, 10 07 35 AM

While they were here I took my parents out on a BYU Tour. I drove them around campus on a golf cart, and we went up to the top of the SWKT (the tallest building on campus).

BYU Campus Tour

Brett took my Dad out on a lot of runs…one was around Utah Lake, and another one they went trail running, they also hiked the Y.

Utah Lake Run - Brett and Tim

We stopped off in St George and did the “little narrows”. My Dad prides himself on not being claustrophobic, but he was definitely claustrophobic squeezing through the rock. I love this picture of Brett just stuck in the air in between the rocks.

St George - Little Narrows

We also went to Salt Lake City to look at the Christmas lights.

Salt Lake City - Temple Square Lights

We also visited Moab and Vegas with them, which you can read about here and here.

Seriously this is only a small portion of the many things we did….we had a fun time with my parents here visited lots and lots of places. Can’t wait for the next person to come visit us so we can show them around….Jeremy!?!

This is Halloween, this is Halloween!

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Halloween is celebrated in England for the many people that ask me this question. However Halloween is definitely bigger here than it is in England. Since coming to America Halloween to me is Haunted Houses, CornMazes, and pumpkin carving – and this year I got to do all of them. To get us into the Halloween spirit we went to Cornbelly’s at Thanksgiving Point with our friends. It was so so fun! They had a lot of different Haunted Houses and Mazes to go through and the main one was almost half an hour to get through the whole thing. I screamed a lot…and Brett laughed at me a lot.


We also carved pumpkins with Brett’s family. I carved the bat and Brett carved the man with a moustache. I tried to be really creative but ended up going with a classic Halloween pumpkin – no originality from me.

Brett and Hannah Carving Pumpkins - Halloween 2012

Brett and Hannah - Halloween 2013

Moab Trip

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Thank you Steve and Colleen for planning this fun trip to Moab….can’t wait for next time!!! Hopefully the Tramleasure’s can make it.

(These are almost all of my in-laws)

River Rafting

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Our friends Eric and Whitney have a raft and while we were in Moab they invited us to go rafting down the Colorado River.

It was so so so much fun!

We rafted down the river for about 6 hours, although we stopped twice along the way. Once we stopped for lunch, and the second time we stopped off at a little beach

Brett tried out the rafting for himself and did an awesome job…especially posing for the camera.

We can’t wait to go rafting again. Thanks Eric and Whitney!!!

Fins and Things

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We always go on a jeep ride when we are in Moab and this year everybody got to go together because there are now three jeeps in the family. We decided to go on Fins and Things as it is a little tamer than some of the other jeep trails in Moab. We had so much fun….especially Colleen.

(Take note of Braydn in the photo above…ha ha)

We took all three Jeeps out and this was probably the coolest jeep to be in:

Here is jeep number two…probably the most entertaining jeep to be in:

and here is the third jeep in our group:

This is probably the scariest part of the jeep ride…I think it is so fun going up and down the rocks.

Corona Arch

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Corona Arch is where they filmed the World’s Largest Rope Swing – which looks crazy, but so fun! We wanted to hike up to Corona Arch to scope it out and see if we are brave enough to do it. We are hoping next time we go to Moab that we will repel Corona Arch…I’m not quite adventurousness enough yet to swing on it yet.

Here’s one of my panoramic shots (i love my iPhone 5)

It was a pretty easy hike, we stopped a lot along the way to get pictures of things because it was all so pretty.

I love that Brett humors me by posing for me in all the pictures I take of him:

Moab Gem Show

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Whenever we go to Moab we try and go to the Gem show…we went this year and it definitely did not disappoint. We saw a few statues that were just covered in gems, and they were a bargain at only $10,000 each.

Even though we were at the Gem Show I ended up buying a cute old scale:

After the gem show because it was still raining we went into town and walked up and down main street.

We finished off our day getting hats and t-shirts from the t-shirt store in town….and yes that is an Indian with a couple of eagles and a bear on our shirts.

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