Corona Arch

October 13, 2012 at 10:25 pm | Posted in Our Life | 3 Comments

Corona Arch is where they filmed the World’s Largest Rope Swing – which looks crazy, but so fun! We wanted to hike up to Corona Arch to scope it out and see if we are brave enough to do it. We are hoping next time we go to Moab that we will repel Corona Arch…I’m not quite adventurousness enough yet to swing on it yet.

Here’s one of my panoramic shots (i love my iPhone 5)

It was a pretty easy hike, we stopped a lot along the way to get pictures of things because it was all so pretty.

I love that Brett humors me by posing for me in all the pictures I take of him:

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  1. Your iPhone 5 is amazing. Cool photos.

  2. I like it that Brett let’s you take lots of pics of him too – thanks Brett!

  3. And thank you Brett for taking lots of pics of my lovely daughter so I can get to see so much xx

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