DO NUT Miss Out on Personal Progress – Young Women in Excellence or New Beginnings Theme

For our LDS Young Women in Excellence night we decided to go with the theme “DO NUT Miss Out on Personal Progress”


We delivered the following invitations to all the Young Women and their parents . If you would like to purchase this invite with your wards details please visit my Etsy shop. You will also be able to purchase the invitation for a New Beginnings activity if

We had our Young Women make these larger donuts out of card stock and decorated them with foam paint for the sprinkles, and then they wrote on them what they had worked on for Personal Progress this year, and what goals they had for next year. We encouraged the Young Women to write something for each of the eight values. We also had them cut out the small donuts and decorate those as well for banners around the room.


For refreshments we had our local grocery store Ridleys make the donuts and we just called and requested they do pastel pink and mint frosting with classic sprinkles, as our local grocery store made them they were super affordable. We made some bundt cakes to look like big donuts, had donut holes on skewers with fruit and served milk and chocolate milk.



For the actual program we had one of our Laurels conduct the meeting, we had an opening prayer, opening hymn, and recited the YW’s theme. I did a quick welcome introducing the theme and talking about the importance of Personal Progress and why none of the Young Women should miss out on it. We then had one of our cute Mia Maids sing a song that she had written to do with the mutual theme and play guitar.

Then we had one of our Laurels that had recently completed Personal Progress talk about with the question in mind; Why do you think that all the Young Women should not miss out on Personal Progress? Following that we had three parents (two moms and one dad) briefly talk about their daughters and their experience with Personal Progress. We specifically asked the parents to speak about the following questions; How has personal progress strengthened your family? How have you seen personal progress help your daughter? How does not missing out on Personal Progress shape your daughters future? The Young Women (especially the daughters) enjoyed listening to the parents perspective on Personal Progress.

We then awarded our Young Women with their ribbons and medallions for the girls that had completed Personal Progress…we had four of our amazing Young Women receive their medallion (one even for the second time). Lastly our Bishop had some closing words that tied in with the theme about not missing out on personal progress.

After closing our Young Women in Excellence Program we had some treats and looked at the table with Personal Progress displays the YW had made from their value experiences and projects that they had worked on.

If you are thinking of using this theme for your own Young Women’s in Excellence or New Beginnings you can purchase this invite with your wards details at my Etsy shop.


Stump the Bishopric Mutual Activity

We decided to do a “Stump the Bishopric” activity for a combined Young Men and Young Women activity. We did it with a game show kind of theme in mind, and we had three rounds to keep things interesting:

ROUND 1 Sign

Round 1. Find or Finish the Scripture

We gave a little print out of all the Seminary Scripture Mastery scriptures on it, and the Young Men and Young Women would quote part of the scripture and the Bishopric had to buzz in as soon as they had either found the scripture or if they could finish the scripture.

ROUND 2 Sign
Round 2. Prophet or Princess
Below are the quotes for prophet or princess…for this round we had the youth take turns to read a quote and the Bishopric had to hold up a photo booth crown or mustache depending on if they thought that the quote came from a prophet or a princess. We used the word princess as a very loose term, the quotes mostly came from Disney movies, although one came from Harry Potter…for sure not a princess. Some of these were pretty hard to tell if it was a prophet or a princess.
Princess or Prophet
ROUND 3 Sign
Round 3. Gospel Object
We had all the youth and each leader bring an object that they could relate to a gospel subject. We gave a simple invitation to all the youth the Sunday before the activity to explain what we wanted them to bring:
Stump The Bishopric Invite
We had the bishopric sit at the front at a table, and we had the Young Men and Women ask the questions, say the quotes, and give them the gospel objects etc. We printed all the signs above out and taped them up on a whiteboard to keep score underneath each rounds sign.
The night turned out to be really funny, and I think the youth had a really good time getting to know the Bishopric better, and trying to “Stump” them.
***If you would like to use any of these files at your activity please click on the image, then right click, then Save image as… The images that have been posted are the full size images so feel free to download them and use them if you would like.

Personal Progress Can Change the World Young Women in Excellence Program

For our LDS Young Women in Excellence night we decided to go with the theme “Personal Progress can change the world” We got the idea from a article in the New Era in November 2006 called Five Reasons to Love Personal Progress, the first reason to love personal progress was “Because it can change the world”

We delivered invitations to all the Young Women and their parents in our ward about a month before the activity to make sure that as many of them could attend as possible. If you would like to purchase this invite with your wards details please visit my Etsy shop. You will also be able to purchase the invitation for a New Beginnings activity if desired.

YWIE Mockup.jpg

We decorated with maps, globes, old suitcases, and other stuff that we already had. We also made a map banner/bunting from a world atlas that we got from a thrift store. We used this on all the tables. One of the Young Women leaders decorated the blackboards which made the room instantly go along with the theme.


As we were in the Relief Society room for the activity we put brown butcher paper up on around the chalkboard to cover up all the announcements, this turned out great as it made it didn’t seem as busy with all the posters and activity announcements that are usually on display.


Young Women in Excellence 1

To decorate I also made some little posters that said Personal Progress can change the World:

YW in Excellence Poster


Overall the only cost for this activity was only the food so it was very affordable…we decided to go with mini food items; mini cupcakes, mini fruit skewers, mini brownies with chocolate ganache and raspberry topping, and mini puff pastry with pepper jelly and brie. The food was an absolute hit!


Young Women in Excellence 2

For the actual program we had one of our Laurels conduct the meeting, we had an opening prayer, opening hymn-Come Follow Me #116 (some other hymns that go well with the theme are #223 Have I Done Any Good? & #172 We’ll Bring the World His Truth), recited the YW’s theme. I did a quick welcome introducing the theme and talking about the New Era article.

All the YW and leaders then sang a musical item, we picked Guardians of Virtue because it is such a powerful song, but also has the line “We can change the world!” in the song, so it went perfectly with the theme! You can find the sheet musc on the website here.

Then we gave out any ribbons and other awards that the YW had earned that year.

We then showed a 20 minute video of the YW that we had prepared beforehand of them answering questions about personal progress. The video turned out so good, and we had more YW in the video than were able to come to the activity. We asked the Young Women questions such as, How can personal progress change the world? What have you worked on in personal progress this year? What goals are you making for personal progress this upcoming year? Lastly our Bishop had some closing words that tied in with the theme Personal Progress can change the world.

We then closed our Young Women in Excellence Program and had some treats and looked at the Personal Progress displays the YW had made. I totally forgot to take a picture of the table with all the girls personal progress displays, but here is a picture with some of it.


This was my first time ever doing a Young Women in Excellence night and I think it turned out pretty cute! It was very simple and could also work great for a New Beginnings theme.

If you are thinking of using this theme for your own Young Women’s in Excellence or New Beginnings you can purchase this invite with your wards details at my Etsy shop. I also have the following coordinating program available to go along with this theme also available in my Etsy shop.

Program Mockup.jpg

Young Women’s Bishopric Appreciation Night

For one of our Young Women’s activities we decided to do a Bishopric Appreciation activity. The Bishop and the bishopric serve so many hours at church, away from their families and we wanted to show our appreciation to all the service they do for our ward.

We baked Halloween shaped sugar cookies in advance and then had the Young Women decorate these cookies for the activity. We also had each Young Women write thank you notes to the Bishopric to express their appreciation. We taped these thank you notes, and some streamers to the Bishop’s office door (while he was in a meeting) so when he came out he saw them all, along with the plates of cookies.

Bishopric Appreciation Night

This activity was very simple but turned out to be really fun!

The most magical place on earth…

Disneyland!!!! We went to Disneyland with Brett’s parents and his sister’s family. It was so fun and the weather was really nice (or at least nicer than Utah). I love Disneyland and I think it is so fun to go, especially with little kids.

Olsen Trip to Disneyland 2012

Disneyland had recently opened Cars Land so we got to go and enjoy that. The main ride is really fun and they had the whole area decked out for Christmas. The whole of Cars Land is so well done you feel like you are in the cartoon.

Cars Land - Disneyland 2012

We took so many photos while we were there, but the best photos without a doubt was this one of us on Space Mountain. I especially liked the kids faces…Elle looks bored out of her mind, and Dax looks terrified!

Space Mountain Ride

It was also my birthday while we were there and I had such a great day, I even got to wear a Disneyland Happy Birthday Badge. I am one year older but still not too old for Disneyland.

Disneyland Birthday Badge


My parents had never been to Moab so we decided to take them down there for a couple of days. We did a lot in Moab and Arches National Park while we were there.

We hiked to Delicate Arch, and for the first time we did the small hike to the lookout point from the back of Delicate Arch. One view of it just wasn’t enough for us I guess.

Delicate Arch - Moab


We also saw Balancing Rock, and other pretty red rocks that I don’t remember the names of.

Moab Utah

Here are my parents in front of Double Arch.


We also went to Dead Horse Point while we were there. I have never been there before and it was really pretty. Here’s a picture using my iPhone panorama camera.

Dead Horse Point - iPhone panoramic

And lastly because my husband sure knows how to pose, I thought I would leave you with a compilation of the many poses he does for me. Thanks Brett for always entertaining me, and letting me photograph you excessively all the time.

Brett Posing for Me

Mum and Dad’s Trip to the U S of A

This will be a long post because we did sooooooooooo much stuff while they were here. When they left I was so tired from being busy with them for their whole trip. They arrived the night before Thanksgiving and we had planned to run a 5k with the family. We had a lot of fun running around American Fork, and it was my first official 5k ever.

Photo Nov 22, 10 06 13 AM

Here we all are in our Turkey Trot hoodies:

Photo Nov 22, 10 07 35 AM

While they were here I took my parents out on a BYU Tour. I drove them around campus on a golf cart, and we went up to the top of the SWKT (the tallest building on campus).

BYU Campus Tour

Brett took my Dad out on a lot of runs…one was around Utah Lake, and another one they went trail running, they also hiked the Y.

Utah Lake Run - Brett and Tim

We stopped off in St George and did the “little narrows”. My Dad prides himself on not being claustrophobic, but he was definitely claustrophobic squeezing through the rock. I love this picture of Brett just stuck in the air in between the rocks.

St George - Little Narrows

We also went to Salt Lake City to look at the Christmas lights.

Salt Lake City - Temple Square Lights

We also visited Moab and Vegas with them, which you can read about here and here.

Seriously this is only a small portion of the many things we did….we had a fun time with my parents here visited lots and lots of places. Can’t wait for the next person to come visit us so we can show them around….Jeremy!?!

This is Halloween, this is Halloween!

Halloween is celebrated in England for the many people that ask me this question. However Halloween is definitely bigger here than it is in England. Since coming to America Halloween to me is Haunted Houses, CornMazes, and pumpkin carving – and this year I got to do all of them. To get us into the Halloween spirit we went to Cornbelly’s at Thanksgiving Point with our friends. It was so so fun! They had a lot of different Haunted Houses and Mazes to go through and the main one was almost half an hour to get through the whole thing. I screamed a lot…and Brett laughed at me a lot.


We also carved pumpkins with Brett’s family. I carved the bat and Brett carved the man with a moustache. I tried to be really creative but ended up going with a classic Halloween pumpkin – no originality from me.

Brett and Hannah Carving Pumpkins - Halloween 2012

Brett and Hannah - Halloween 2013