This is Halloween, this is Halloween!

Halloween is celebrated in England for the many people that ask me this question. However Halloween is definitely bigger here than it is in England. Since coming to America Halloween to me is Haunted Houses, CornMazes, and pumpkin carving – and this year I got to do all of them. To get us into the Halloween spirit we went to Cornbelly’s at Thanksgiving Point with our friends. It was so so fun! They had a lot of different Haunted Houses and Mazes to go through and the main one was almost half an hour to get through the whole thing. I screamed a lot…and Brett laughed at me a lot.


We also carved pumpkins with Brett’s family. I carved the bat and Brett carved the man with a moustache. I tried to be really creative but ended up going with a classic Halloween pumpkin – no originality from me.

Brett and Hannah Carving Pumpkins - Halloween 2012

Brett and Hannah - Halloween 2013


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