The most magical place on earth…

Disneyland!!!! We went to Disneyland with Brett’s parents and his sister’s family. It was so fun and the weather was really nice (or at least nicer than Utah). I love Disneyland and I think it is so fun to go, especially with little kids.

Olsen Trip to Disneyland 2012

Disneyland had recently opened Cars Land so we got to go and enjoy that. The main ride is really fun and they had the whole area decked out for Christmas. The whole of Cars Land is so well done you feel like you are in the cartoon.

Cars Land - Disneyland 2012

We took so many photos while we were there, but the best photos without a doubt was this one of us on Space Mountain. I especially liked the kids faces…Elle looks bored out of her mind, and Dax looks terrified!

Space Mountain Ride

It was also my birthday while we were there and I had such a great day, I even got to wear a Disneyland Happy Birthday Badge. I am one year older but still not too old for Disneyland.

Disneyland Birthday Badge


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