DO NUT Miss Out on Personal Progress – Young Women in Excellence or New Beginnings Theme

For our LDS Young Women in Excellence night we decided to go with the theme “DO NUT Miss Out on Personal Progress”


We delivered the following invitations to all the Young Women and their parents . If you would like to purchase this invite with your wards details please visit my Etsy shop. You will also be able to purchase the invitation for a New Beginnings activity if

We had our Young Women make these larger donuts out of card stock and decorated them with foam paint for the sprinkles, and then they wrote on them what they had worked on for Personal Progress this year, and what goals they had for next year. We encouraged the Young Women to write something for each of the eight values. We also had them cut out the small donuts and decorate those as well for banners around the room.


For refreshments we had our local grocery store Ridleys make the donuts and we just called and requested they do pastel pink and mint frosting with classic sprinkles, as our local grocery store made them they were super affordable. We made some bundt cakes to look like big donuts, had donut holes on skewers with fruit and served milk and chocolate milk.



For the actual program we had one of our Laurels conduct the meeting, we had an opening prayer, opening hymn, and recited the YW’s theme. I did a quick welcome introducing the theme and talking about the importance of Personal Progress and why none of the Young Women should miss out on it. We then had one of our cute Mia Maids sing a song that she had written to do with the mutual theme and play guitar.

Then we had one of our Laurels that had recently completed Personal Progress talk about with the question in mind; Why do you think that all the Young Women should not miss out on Personal Progress? Following that we had three parents (two moms and one dad) briefly talk about their daughters and their experience with Personal Progress. We specifically asked the parents to speak about the following questions; How has personal progress strengthened your family? How have you seen personal progress help your daughter? How does not missing out on Personal Progress shape your daughters future? The Young Women (especially the daughters) enjoyed listening to the parents perspective on Personal Progress.

We then awarded our Young Women with their ribbons and medallions for the girls that had completed Personal Progress…we had four of our amazing Young Women receive their medallion (one even for the second time). Lastly our Bishop had some closing words that tied in with the theme about not missing out on personal progress.

After closing our Young Women in Excellence Program we had some treats and looked at the table with Personal Progress displays the YW had made from their value experiences and projects that they had worked on.

If you are thinking of using this theme for your own Young Women’s in Excellence or New Beginnings you can purchase this invite with your wards details at my Etsy shop.


6 thoughts on “DO NUT Miss Out on Personal Progress – Young Women in Excellence or New Beginnings Theme

  1. These are incredibly darling!! Do you have the digital files for the smaller donuts, and are you willing to share those? I love how the colors reflect the values more than the typical pink and brown donut options out there. 🙂 Beautiful idea!!

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you like the idea.

      Do you mean the donuts that we used for the banner? We actually just made them with the YW one night (along with the bigger ones too). We just cut out circles out of white paper, then cut circles out of different colored paper in the same size – we then had the girls cut the colored ones into the wiggly shapes to look like frosting and then used the 3D fabric paint to make the sprinkles look more 3D. They were actually pretty simple and fun to make.

      I hope that helps!

      1. Thank you so much! We just had our YWIE last night and used this theme. It was all darling and the girls LOVED it. Special night! Thank you for sharing your talents and ideas! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

  2. Hello. I just bought the do nut bundle pack. It is so cute. The information for the invite is: Sunday November 19 at 6:30 pm in the cultural hall at our warehouse. Sunday dress please. (This is for YWIE)

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